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Mustard Baths

What Is A Mustard Bath?

The healing effects of mustard have been appreciated by many cultures over the centuries, The Ancient Greeks, Romans, Europeans and Native Americans have all used mustard for medicinal purposes.

A Mustard Bath is a traditional remedy for tired, stressed muscles as mustard is known for its stimulating, cleaning qualities. The mustard helps draw out impurities and warms your muscles, whilst the Essential Oils stimulate and assist in rejuvenating.  Many people find a Mustard Bath can stimulate the circulation and can help in clearing sinuses when you have a cold. All you do is add three tablespoons of Chawtons Mustard Bath to a hot running bath and then just soak for around 20 minutes - don't plan on going out after as it's definately early to bed feeling very relaxed!

You may also wish to try the Chawtons Bare & Beautiful Mustard Foot Soak, just add 1 to 2 teaspoons to a bowl of hot water, this can help relieve   aches and pains associated with standing or walking for long periods.

** This product is not to be used by pregnant women and children **

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Chawtons Regular Mustard Bath 325g
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Chawtons Sport Mustard Bath 325g
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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 Results